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Welcome to my happy place of glitter and sparkles and fandom! Friends call me Brad. I am a walking talking bundle of fangirl excitement. I used to be a Glee fandom news blog thing. Now I am dancer.

In another dimension, I am a staffer at the Harry Potter Alliance and a musician. I have a husband and a cat and an espresso machine. Some know me as Beka or bekabee. I used to keep these dimensions of myself separate, but then I thought, who needs a space time continuum? So I am an open book. (Open blog?)

I have a lot of fandoms that I love. Glee, Harry Potter, Star Trek, LOTR, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Sherlock, WTNV, Teen Wolf, Avengers, Firefly, everything Joss. I ship pm everything and I am not spoiler free, but I try to tag spoilers as much as I can. I sure hope you like the faces of Darren Criss and Zachary Quinto. There's also quite a lot of Glee still, fair warning.

Pop in. Say hi. Let’s connect.

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"Fangirl" is not an insult.

“I like fangirls how I like my coffee. I hate coffee.” Three days after being spotted on a T-shrt for sale at WonderCon, this idiotic slogan is still making waves in the geek community.

Why? Well, for one thing, it seems like a perfect example of the hostile environment women have to deal with when they attend conventions. However, the T-shirt’s manufacturer, Tankhead Custom Tees, has just come forward to explain why the shirt isn’t sexist.

“the fangirl/fanboy shirts can best be explained like this: fangirls/boys =/= fans. Fans are people who like and genuinely respect a fandom, and it’s creators. Fangirls/boys are like those creepy fedora wearing neckbearded bronies, or hetalia fanfiction shippers, who make us all collectively cringe in pain at what they do to the things we love.

No one should ever defend these kinds of people. Seriously, they make the rest of us look bad.”

So, just to be clear here, the shirt isn’t insulting toward all women, just the ones who are the wrong kind of fan. And that’s totally not a gendered insult because bronies (i.e. male fans of a media source that’s traditionally aimed at girls) are repulsive as well. Right?

The idea that it’s OK to be disgusted by certain types of fan is pretty widespread in geek culture, and it’s ridiculous to suggest that this habit isn’t connected to sexist prejudice. In the nonsensical social strata of geekdom, “serious” sci-fi literature fans are somewhere at the top, Trekkies and comic book nerds are somewhere around the middle, and anything women are interested in is invariably right down at the bottom. Popular examples: Supernatural, YA novels with female protagonists, fanfiction, shoujo anime, and pretty much anything that’s popular on Tumblr.

It’s no coincidence that “fangirl” is most commonly used to describe women who read and write fanfiction. By the logic of people who use fangirl as a pejorative term, fans who spend hours reading and collecting superhero comics are at the cool, respectable end of the geek scale, while “fangirls”  who write tens of thousands of words of superhero fanfic are embarrassing weirdos. In other words, if you conform to the old-fashioned, male-dominated form of fandom then you’re fine, but if you prefer to join the subculture that was primarily founded on the work of female fans, then it’s acceptable to publicly mock you at an event like WonderCon.


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I finally finished genderbending some of my favorite disney girls ^———^

I’m not proud of some of those though…


If you’d told me that I’d be sharing a Miley Cyrus cover of Jolene because it’s really great, I would have laughed in your face … and yet.


"making kitchens smile since 2008!"

kitchens on the square

this is savannah!


Emma Stone calls out Andrew Garfield’s casual sexism in the most perfect way. See the full conversation here. 

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okay well, after two days of animating, ive finished this heaping pile of shit for the internet. enjoy the worst teen wolf animation/voice acting ever

(maria hill is in next weeks promo)
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Don’t hand me sharpies ever.


Don’t hand me sharpies ever.


Hey oh! I painted this cute lil’ turtle.


Hey oh! I painted this cute lil’ turtle.

I have so many feels about agents of shield I’m really sorry