I pretty much posted all the major stuff that happened but I’ll explain a little more. 

First when we were in line to go inside, people saw Jenna Ushkowitz drive into the lot in her car. I didn’t really see her so I can’t confirm lol. Then I DEFINITELY saw Ian Brennan drive in and got so excited and hyper it was ridiculous. 

Once we were inside, we were shuffled to their Coffee Bean cafe, which doubles as The Lima Bean when they are shooting. We had time to kill so I ordered a coffee (grande nonfat mocha what WHAT) and wandered around feeling nostalgic and standing in important spots - the table where Klaine had the fight in BIOTA and where they said “I love you”, the place where Blaine fumbles with his stir stick in SSS, the place where Sue douses her coffee with sugar in Sexy (I got stupidly excited that the liquid sugar bottle she uses is there). Hallowed ground. This is where I met our tour guide, Chris, and I confessed right off the bat that we were Glee fans, terrified this would make him hate us. Instead, he was SO EXCITED because he is a huge Glee fan and he loves Glee fans because they’re always so enthusiastic on the tour. (If you’re not a fan of Glee, the tour is basically - look at this building, look at this bench, look at this building.) So we hit it off immediately and he made the tour a lot of fun, trying to get us by as much Glee stuff as possible.

We started out just doing generic tour, and we went outside the Paramount Theater where they pre-screen Glee episodes and other such things, but the whole thing was under construction because they were shooting Glee there (I’m going to assume Nationals or NYADA auditions, I’m not sure - it was a big entrance room). While Tourguide Chris was rambling about historic stuff (which was fascinating btw), I saw a golf cart with a very pretty person sitting in the passenger seat coming towards us. I kept staring and staring, just curious, and bam. Oh hello Lea Michele. You are a real person, and you have perfect skin, and you are there in front of me. And gorgeous. Once Lea passed, I kept watching and - oh. Jenna Ushkowitz is in the back seat. With gorgeous long hair with blonde highlights. I could tell they were on their way to work because they were kinda trying not to make eye contact - I can’t imagine what it must be like trying to get to places on time when there are always fans around who want a minute with you  - but Jenna did look at me and smile.

I didn’t tell Tourguide Chris about Lea and Jenna because he was talking, and I didn’t want to make a scene - “LEA MICHELE IS RIGHT THERE OMG” - so he kept talking about stuff and then the guy behind me goes, “That’s… that’s Whoopi Goldberg.” And it WAS. And she drove RIGHT PAST US. And like, Lea Michele was one thing, like in the really bizarre how are you real? sense, but WHOOPI GOLDBERG. Never in my life did I expect to see Whoopi Goldberg. I kinda stood in shock and Tourguide Chris was like, “OH MY GOD” and we all got really energetic and excited for like 5 minutes. But then we couldn’t hang around there forever (even though we wanted to) so we moved on with the tour. Then I mentioned to Tourguide Chris that we saw Lea and Jenna and he flipped out - “What didn’t you tell me girl?” - and from that point on, even though he kept trying to go by their trailers for us, he was like “I have DONE MY JOB. Whoopi freaking Goldberg and Lea Michele. You are welcome.” Seriously I want to follow this guy on twitter, he was hilarious and fantastic. 

Other than that, we saw a lot of historic stuff like Lucille Ball’s office and dressing room, the soundstages of several movies, the street where Chandler and Joey lose the baby on the bus. We got to walk around on the Dr. Phil stage. I know, you’re jealous. I’m sorry my tour was so awesome.

I was able to see the dining room table in Will Schuester’s apartment briefly, and we saw the street where Sam and Rory ring bells for the homeless in the Christmas episode, and also a patch of grass that they used to show a touchdown in “Grilled Cheesus”. But that was about it as far as Glee goes. 


Ryan swears she saw Tim Davis. Oh yes, Tim Davis as in sound-engineer-wanna-be-blaine’s-father Tim Davis. I wish I had seen him, I totally would’ve been like, “Hey, I follow you on twitter and think your job is awesome.” Because I mean, I doubt he gets that a lot. Sadly, I did not personally see him. I can only rejoice knowing he was there.

And that Chris Colfer and Dianna Agron and all kinds of other awesome people were merely feet away from me at some point in the tour. 

I’ll have some (really low quality) pics later, none of famous people, sorry. IT HAPPENED SO FAST.

Now I’m just killing time in Hollywood until Spring Awakening later tonight.

Gah I can’t believe I saw Lea Michele.