Darren Criss on The Beelzebubs

Billy: The Beelzebubs from Tufts University – do they do all the Warbler work?

Darren: Absolutely everything, yep.

Billy: Yeah - well, I went to Colby College. We competed against Tufts.

Darren: Oh, so you definitely know about that whole world.

Billy: We had “The Colby Eight” – those were our guys. How come they got robbed?  Why don’t they get to cut in on the GLEE action?

Darren: I don’t know! I hope [The Beelzebubs] are happy. I’ve never really gotten the chance to meet them in person but I fly to New York to record all the Warblers stuff, because it’s easier to fly me to New York (which is closer to Boston) than have fourteen-some-odd guys come out to LA.

Billy: And what do they all do? Drive down in their “Beelzebub Beelzebus”?

Darren: [laughing] Yeah! “The Beelzebus!” Exactly. It’s run by the power of song.

Billy: We picture them going down I-95, just “hum dum dum dum dum….99 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 bottles of beer!”

Darren: Exactly! It’s the most beautiful bus you’ve ever heard in your life!

Billy: I love it! The Beelzebus. That’s incredible.

Darren: Yeah, man. So big hats off to them. I mean, they’re quite literally the unsung heroes of the Warblers.

Billy: Not anymore – you’ve shed the light on them!

(Source: youtube.com)